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Find Low MOQ for Raincoat Manufacturing Only from

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Find Low MOQ for Raincoat Manufacturing Only from

It is given that most waterproof poncho manufacturers would only accept orders for customizing clear raincoat only if clients would place huge or bulk orders. Most of the time, bulk orders would typically require more than ten thousands pieces of disposable rain ponchos before a company can honor a customization order. However, to prevent any issues with not meeting the required number of items by every customer there are companies like those producing waterproof ponchos that offer lower MOQ or minimum order quantity. This way, they can make sure that they can cater to the needs of clients.

Since there are more who find it difficult to find a company that can offer smaller quantity of order, there are companies like that always guarantee their clients that they can place small quantity orders that are lower than a thousand pieces of disposable ponchos. There are clients who do not necessarily need a thousand pieces of clear poncho and this is what the company wants to meet whenever they start talking about the quantity of orders with their clients.

Smaller Quantity Order: A Key Advantage of takes their low MOQ as their advantage over other manufacturers of clear rain poncho. Aside from rain pancho, the company is also accepting the same quantity standards with their cheap ponchos. They take this as their advantage since most disposable poncho manufacturers are known to only provide bigger quantities or those that are ordering in bulk.

When you talk to the representatives of the company, you can expect that they can accommodate orders that are lower than 1000 pieces. This means that they will not make any issues with orders from 500 to 700 pieces, as they will accept the job and still deliver it at its best condition.

There are many advantages that lower MOQ can bring to both clients and the company when it comes to manufacturing disposable rain poncho. Some of the benefits that the company can get from these standards are the following:

  • Small MOQ will save the money for warehouse charge.

Instead of storing bulks or huge numbers of ready-made rains poncho and paying for expensive warehouse charge, the client can save money by ordering small qty waterproof poncho to avoid renting warehouse for storage.  In addition, it saves them from increasing the prices of their disposable rain ponchos if ever they choose to store ready-made waterproof ponchos.

  • Small MOQ will reduce the client’s financial stress.

Clients will not have to think about meeting minimum number of disposable ponchos and pay for the entire package even if there is a tendency that the products not included in the initial order will not be bought. It prevents clients’ to have financial stress in paying for a huge quantity of products that they may not use.

With all of these things in mind, there is no wonder why the company is giving much importance with their low MOQ on every order they accept. To get more information about the company and for those who want to place their orders, do visit or contact us.

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